Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence win championships

Auradot is dedicated to the creation of vibrant software solutions and services which will facilitate the growth of organizations worldwide. Behind the scene is a dedicated team of young professionals who understand organizations and the art of making today’s organizations efficient and successful through the use of modern IT solutions. As a highly client-driven company, Auradot works closely with their clients to ensure that they receive comprehensive technical support during and after the deployment process.


Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems

Readiness to meet challenges.

We specialize and research further possibilities in the complex fields of document management, intelligent solutions, connected mobility and middleware integration, but we are also open to other demanding business opportunities.

Predictability and transparency.

We deliver the projects on time and within the agreed budget. We cooperate closely with our customers, update regularly and make sure any unexpected challenges are discussed and solved before they become problems.



We work agile and try to involve all, but no more than necessary, team members needed at each specific stage of the project. Thanks to our reputation and management skills, we can easily scale the team working on your project exactly when it’s needed.

Focus on people.


We understand that every system we design and develop is meant for users and we put great effort to meet their actual needs. We pay no less attention to the needs and comfort of our customers and team members.

Our Products


Digital Transformation Solutions

The integrated platforms are a powerful foundation for transformation because they bring together technology

Document Management Solutions

Enables the creation of a true paperless office or even a paperless enterprise with the easy to manage high performance

Business web solutions/Mobile Solutions

To make modern businesses work better, it is an imperative to ensure that all web/mobile solutions are explored and optimized.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Business growth is the name of the game, and understanding trends is the key of building a business and that is poised for

Internet of Things (IOT)

Smart devices or “Connected devices” as commonly called as, are designed in such a way that they capture and utilize

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Working with us offers so much more than just ‘a job’. It can be your start in a career with smart and innovative engineering team with smart, modern team oriented background.

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