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Auradot is dedicated to the creation of vibrant software solutions and services which will facilitate the growth of organizations worldwide. Behind the scene is a dedicated team of young professionals who understand organizations and the art of making today’s organizations efficient and successful through the use of modern IT solutions. As a highly client-driven company, Auradot works closely with their clients to ensure that they receive comprehensive technical support during and after the deployment process.

In the past, document management was a challenge most often tackled by larger organizations due to the sheer volume of documents they were required to manage. Document Management Software was also priced to fit larger organizations’ budgets. Smaller organizations and teams are however increasingly requiring better control of their document lifecycle.

Global compliance requirements, geographically dispersed teams and a desire to more effectively manage knowledge, are all challenges faced by large and small organizations alike. As a result, the Document Management Software you choose needs to fit your organization’s goals, culture, technology capabilities, and budget. auraDOCS support for your organization to become truly digital enterprise by optimizing the operations with document handling, automate manual process and increase the collaborative capabilities to streamline the operation.

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