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To say that digital transformation is a global phenomenon, would be one way to characterize our obsession and dependence on digital technologies.But to go about it by viewing it through a set of glasses common for the whole world might not be the best move. CTO of Auradot, Indika Kularathne narrows down to the minutiae of digital workflow in Sri Lanka, “Even though there is awareness regarding the necessity of digitizing workflows, components like Document Management Systems (DMSs) are restricted to forms processing and their takeoff as digital workflow applications are limited.” The cause, he interprets, is the masses failing to adequately adapt the “new way of working.”

Reversing this trend would require encouraging user-acceptance of modern platforms and making them comfortable using the same. Auradot’s auraDOCS suite of DMS achieves both with its extremely user-friendly and simple workflow that allows even low-skilled employees to get things done with a few clicks. But given the variety of organization-specific processes, ‘simple’ alone is not enough. One could expect that in most cases organizations need to restructure themselves internally to accommodate a newly implemented solution. Most companies being discontent with this approach, Auradot’s counter approach make the company an interesting incumbent in the present Sri Lankan market. Auradot believes that rather than an organization, it is its solution that must adapt according to a customer’s specific process requirements. To make this happen, the firm has a set of customizable configurations in its platform to suit clients’ domain and processes and rolls out a piece of software that molds as to the new environment.

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