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The auraDOCS suite of Document Management software is designed to ensure that the system can easily adapt to the organization’s needs. From small to big business, auraDOCS has a system that fits.

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Artificial intelligence based trend analysis BI tool suite for your ERP data analysis. With the help of ML algorithms and award winning cloud services, auraInsight will be the next generation decision making platform.


IOT based smart office and smart home concept are the future of the automation world. auraMotion will help you to link the set of devices with single platform for easy integration and manipulation.


Intelligence mobile solution to track the facial based employee attendance, classroom attendance and real time location tracking.


Digital Transformation Solutions

The integrated platforms are a powerful foundation for transformation because they bring together technology streams including big data, data analytics, AI, machine learning, cloud, mobility, security, social media, and cognitive computing Adopting the latest technologies helps businesses achieve greater success, drive innovation, and gain competitive advantage.

Document Management Solutions

Enables the creation of a true paperless office or even a paperless enterprise with the easy to manage high performance workflow solution.

Business web solutions/Mobile Solutions

To make modern businesses work better, it is an imperative to ensure that all web/mobile solutions are explored and optimized. To make it a win-win situation, Auradot believes that the best solution is a long-term revenue sharing model. As such, Auradot extends its full development and deployment capabilities to businesses at no additional cost.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Business growth is the name of the game, and understanding trends are the key to building a business and that is poised for continued success. Auradot AI platform is the key decision maker for the business trend analysis

Internet of Things (IOT)

Smart devices or “Connected devices” as commonly called as, are designed in such a way that they capture and utilize every bit of data which you share or use in everyday life. And these devices will use this data to interact with you on a daily basis and complete tasks. Auradot has taken a key step to integrate IOT devices with a single platform.

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